If you are waiting for things to turn around, stop waiting. If you are counting on politicians or CEOs to wave their wands and fix the economic crisis, stop counting.

There is a reason America’s largest corporations are turning to Florida’s best-selling author Fawn Germer in these tough times. It’s that Fawn “gets” that these challenging times have presented us with our greatest opportunity to position ourselves for success.

Fawn is an international speaker who has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to stop making excuses and take charge of their lives.

“Everybody’s waiting for ‘The Recovery,’ ” she says. “Well, the recovery is all about you — it’s not all about us. It’s an individual experience. If you wait for things to get better for everyone, you’ll miss this incredible moment to define your contribution in its boldest dimensions. This is a time to stand up and deliver with the best you’ve got to offer, rather than waiting out the bad times in hopes that adversity will go away on its own.”

The Florida Conference Speaker of Choice

Fawn is an especially popular speaker choice for Florida conferences and events because she lives so close to all of the convention action here. She travels globally with her message, but always makes special arrangements for events in Florida.

Fawn says that if you expect the worst, you’ll get it. What if you don’t buy into that? What if you turn off the news and turn on your performance hyperdrive so that you work harder, assume more responsibility and contribute at a level you have never demonstrated? These are the moments that will define us as individuals and as leaders.

If you think there is no opportunity out there, you won’t find any. But, if you make up your mind that you will succeed no matter what, guess what? You. Will. Succeed.

Fawn, who recently released her fifth book, spent two decades digging up dirt as one of America’s grittiest local investigative reporters. You’d never imagine she would leave the journalistic cynicism behind to become one of America’s most revered leadership speakers, known for passing on unbridled optimism and hope to inspire people to act, rather than give up. But, that’s Fawn.

That’s why Oprah Winfrey thought her first book, Hard Won Wisdom, was “very inspiring.” Fawn has a way of reaching inside of you and getting your best from you — regardless of whether you are a CEO or an intern. Just check out her testimonial page, where some of the most powerful business leaders in America tell how she has changed their lives.

Fawn’s timely new book, Finding the UP in the Downturn has been embraced and endorsed by some of America’s most revered leaders and executives. This book shows that you can profit in the downturn by being agile and smart, and by persevering — no matter what. Fawn has interviewed more than 300 famous leaders and trailblazers for her best-selling books and consults with many of them regularly as their coach and sidekick. She has interviewed presidents and prime ministers, CEOs and Olympic athletes, Academy Award Winners and Nobel Laureates. Fawn knows people and performance, and she will inspire you and your audience to take risks and go for it.

“The workforce is almost universally demoralized, and so many people are giving up because they feel helpless,” Fawn said. “That leaves a huge window of opportunity to stand up and lead. All of history’s greatest leaders emerged out of adversity. This is the time to figure out how to make your greatest contribution, turn off the auto-pilot and make up your mind that you will use the downturn to grow your career, rather than victimize you.”

Fawn has been the keynote speaker for Kraft, Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Co., 3M, Novartis, GSK, Motorola, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Accenture and many, many other companies and organizations that want courageous and creative performance from their people.

Fawn’s New Online Magazine is Out!

Everybody’s talking about it because Fawn’s new magazine is innovative, positive and forceful. Check out the Fall / Winter issue of LiveBold and you’ll find motivation, inspiration and tips that will propel your career and spirit. Fawn shows how to boost your endurance and morale in tough times by making the decision to persevere until you have turned adversity into success. Her articles and columns will give you the perspective you need to stop thinking negatively and start seeing life for all of the possibility that exists around you.

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